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All classes are held at the Nassau County Rifle and Pistol Range in Uniondale.  If you have never been here before, call for directions.  Do not put this address in GPS.  It will not compute.  This address is not in any GPS data base, call me for directions. 

Show up prepared to work and learn.  Bring pencil, pens, notepaper, water etc.  This facility is isolated.  Whatever you need you should bring. 

Bring your Gun. If you are firing a revolver, bring speed loaders,  If you are firing a semi automatic pistol bring magazines.  Bring a sturdy belt holster that is made for your firearm.  There is no pro shop here.  We have limited numbers of eye and ear protection available.  If you have your own bring it.   This is an indoor facility.  Use of eye and ear protection is mandatory.  

Bring sufficient ammunition for your class.  One hundred rounds for armed guard renewal and armed guard transistion for retired Police Officers.  For the forty seven hour armed guard class a thousand rounds of ammunition is sufficient.  Call me for information regarding some sources of internet or mail order ammunition.  Order it in time to have it arrive before class starts.

We are fortunate to be able to rent classroom and ranges at this Government owned and run facility.  As a Government owned facility, all local, state and federal laws concerning firearms and range rules will be strictly obeyed.  Numerous city, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies train here.  Professional behavior and demeanor is expected of all persons using the range at all times.

You are responsible for Range Fees.  At present they are $7.00 for Nassau County residents, $15.00 for non residents.  There are discounts for veterans and volunteer firemen.